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Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy evolved from osteopathic medicine with its musculoskeletal emphasis. In the early 1900s, osteopathic physician William Sutherland concluded that skull bones are not firmly fixed but can move relative to each other. With these observations, he developed a treatment called cranial osteo. In recent years, Dr. John Uplefurther developed Sutherlandís observations and incorporated them into a treatment now called craniosacral therapy.

How It Works

The craniosacral system consists of the brain, spinal cord, membranes and the fluid within it. This fluid has a pulse or rhythm not unlike the pulse of the circulatory or respiratory systems.

After the body experiences a trauma such as a fall or accident or has been in a cycle of repeated stress, the rhythm within the craniosacral system can be disrupted and a restriction can occur in the natural flow of this fluid. Because the system that is affected is the central nervous system, a variety of different symptoms can occur from headaches to chronic pain and many other neurological complaints.

Through light touch and gentle manipulation of areas on the head and throughout the body including the spine, a trained practitioner can detect where the natural flow is restricted and facilitate a release where flow is then restored. The natural healing ability of the body is the key to the effectiveness of this therapy.

This complementary therapy is gaining popularity due to its gentle and non-invasive treatment of a variety of symptoms. In addition, Craniosacral Therapy works well in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to promote balance and recovery for a variety of symptoms.

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