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The Collard Method of Bodywork 
The Collard Method focuses upon negative thought patterns which become trapped in the physical body.  Releasing these patterns helps correct misalignment in the many structures of the body.  This system works on muscle, bones, facia tissue, organs, and cell memory.  Our body wishes to be in a healing state of “Being” (or present time).  Negative thoughts, past and future keep us from the whole being state.  Modern Science is now acknowledging that Stress creates Disease in the body.  The Collard Method works on the thought processes creating the stress.

I have had many different types of bodywork all over the country and found The Collard Method to be the most comprehensive direct healing approach.

Many describe this work as Massage/Energetic Structural Alignment/Talk-therapy/Energy work all mixed together.

*Present time refers to the practice of living in the moment, the art of not thinking and feeling in the past or the future. The average person is present for 11 seconds out of every minute, leaving the rest of the time for dis-ease and self sabotage to occur.


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